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Event Party Rental Centers, Florist, Event Planners, Churches, Schools, Photographers, Banquet Halls and Brides are amongst those who know that arches for weddings and wedding columns are a must have items for any special event or wedding. Because you cannot walk into any retail center and find these items, we have made them accessible to the public for purchase without any license requirements necessary. 

Wedding arches are the perfect prop to add to any formal ceremony. Nothing sets a romantic tone like a beautiful arch. In weddings, the wedding officiant performs the ceremony while the bride and groom stand under the arch creating a heartwarming atmosphere. The wedding arch is also the perfect place for the newlyweds to pose for photos.

We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from, including wooden, plastic and metal arches. All three have their own advantages. Metal arches are durable and can be decorated with a wide variety of materials. Plastic arches are lightweight and are easy to set up just about anywhere. Wooden arches look beautiful indoors or outdoors, especially in a garden. Cover your arch with a variety of decorations to support your wedding's theme. You can get as creative as you would like! After the ceremony, you can use your arch in your backyard. Wedding arches make beautiful backdrops for all types of settings.

Pair your arch with some of our elegant wedding columns! These decorations compliment each other making them perfect for any formal setting. Arches for Wedding carries a variety of wedding columns for you to add to your ceremony. Whether you want wood, metal or plastic columns, we have the solution for you. Many of our columns resemble those of ancient Greece. These classic styles served as an inspiration for architecture across the world, and their beauty makes them a wonderful addition to any wedding! Browse through our selection and find your favorite style! 

Contact us for all of your wedding arch needs. We are available to answer your questions about how to choose your column, pedestal or arch daily from 9am – 9pm. Our customer service sales staff has been trained to guide you in determining which event prop or backdrop will suit your particular needs. With so many choices, we know that you may have many questions. We are here to help so please call us today! 

We offer you peace of mind when purchasing with us! We know you expect to receive high quality products with a guarantee for satisfaction! We accomplish this in two ways.  

When you purchase from us we include a Manufacturer’s Warranty on all products to be free from defects in material or workmanship. If you do encounter a problem within 6 months the item will be replaced for free. 

Low Price Guarantee – If you happen to find a lower price (total price including shipping), we will match that price or in some cases even beat it! 

We look forward to being your trusted supplier of wholesale wedding arches and plastic columns.


Noun:  A row of columns supporting a roof, an entablature, or arcade

The wedding colonnade is most commonly used as a framework or covering for a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony.  It brings an intimate feeling to a very intimate moment.  More commonly known as a wedding arch you can find arches for wedding in many different styles.

A very popular choice is the plastic wedding arch.  With many sets to choose from, one of the most popular is the smaller set known as the Classic Graeco-Roman Style Colonnade Arch.  This set is the first choice of event planners, florist, party rental centers and brides.  The 9 -piece set includes 4, 72” Tall Columns with Scamozzi Capital, 4, Quarter Circles and the Colonnade Arch.  You can use this set indoors or outdoors because it is not affected by the weather.  It is very durable as it is made from roto-molded polyethylene plastic so it will resist scratches and chipping.  White is the most common color but it is also available in ivory, granite, millstone, sandstone and blackstone.

Many event planners like to dress up this set by adding greenery, flowers and even draping fabric over the columns.   You may be wondering how stable this set is.  Could it possibly be tipped over if it were bumped?   There is no need for concern, the columns are easily bolted down to the quarter circles and the arch is also bolted on top.  One person can easily assemble this colonnade set.  Each piece is very light -weight and so transporting from one special event to another is an easy task. 

You cannot add lights to this set so feel free to use up-lighting or other types of event lights when using the plastic roman style colonnade.  Lighting will add a nice touch and bring a special ambiance to the moment.  If you are interested in a plastic arch set that includes lighting we will address the many sets that are available with lighting in another publication.